Cachengo Opens in McKenzie in 2020

Courtesy of The McKenzie Banner
By Joel Washburn

McKENZIE (January 2020) — Cachengo, a manufacturer of computer components, begins operations later this month in the McKenzie South Industrial Park, where as many as 1,000 local employees in McKenzie and Huntingdon could be working within three years.

Ash Young, who moved from his native Silicon Valley to Paris in 2017 and later to Huntingdon is the co-founder of Cachengo, which will soon begin assembly of computer components in the former DANA building, Airport Lane, McKenzie.

“I met a girl,” joked Young of why he moved from the bustling area of California to rural west Tennessee.

After working in his father’s business as a young man, serving his country in the U.S. Navy, working for a company that made test equipment for disk drives and later a data protection company, and last as Huawei, a privately-owned Chinese-based computer, where he worked in research and development, he started his own company, Cachengo.

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